Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Win RAR / Win Zip Software

Many new internet and computer users feels problems when they have to use win rar or win zip files because in other files you have to just double click and the file will open but the files of the above format i.e Win RAR and Win Zip required to be unzipped through a softwares these files are actually compressed so that now virus can attack them and the space can be utilized. So they are compressed in the zip or rar format and the software used convert these files in the original format or converting to zip format require a software known as Win RAR.
There are presently many softwares that can be used for this purpose but we will use the most compatible version  of this software which i personally like because it is very easy to use you can download this software by click the below download link.
Below is the picture of the file which you can convert using this software:
You must download and install the following software before you can convert these files that mean you must install the win rar or win zip software then you will be able to convert your files to the normal format just download this software and install in your computer you can download win rar or win zip software from the following link



Just follow the following Steps
1 Right Click on the file and you will see and menu click on extract to Need for speed hot pursuite (in the place of need for speed hot pursuit there will be the name of the file you are trying to convert. Check below pictures for this step.
2. When you will click on it the following will appear 
Allow this dialogue box to complete processing upto 100% and after that it will disappear and you will see an extra folder of the same name as the above file open the folder and enjoy your file. This is how you can convert the files of rar and zip to original format this process is also know as unzipping. You can also do the reverse of this in the same manner.

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