Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Western Scientists the founders of the modern chemistry

Robert Boyle is considered as one of the founders of modern chemistry. His definition of element is quite near to the modern definition French Scientist Lavoiier improved the chemical balance and proved that fire is produced by the combination of oxygen with combustible materials. Thus the scientific world discarded Stahi's phlogiston theory, above combustion. Chemistry appeared as a unique subject in the nineteenth century. During those days a large number of scientists started giving importance to practical aspects of science and based their activities on observation and experimentation.
John Dalton developed the atomic their on which the new discoveries of atomic structure were based. Berzelius suggested the symbols of elements and discovered the atomic masses of many elements Faraday studied thae process of electrolysis in detail.
Until 1850 it was thought that organic compounds could not be prepared in the laboratory because a vital force was needed for the formation. Wohler rejected this concept of vital force and prepared urea from inorganic matter. After this a large number of organic compounds were prepared in the laboratories.
Ostwald and vont hoff performed many experiments on solutions and thus the branch of physical chemistry came into existence Gibbs formulated many principles of converting solids into liquids and liquids into gases. Hess,for the first time studied energy changes during chemical reactions. After proper grouping of the laments, Mendeleef arranged them in the form of a periodic table. This arrangement not only helped in the detailed study of the properties of elements but also predicted the discovery of some new elements.
Madam curie did valuable research in radioactivity that had a great impact on the modern science of chemistry. The research works of Thomson, Rutherfor and Bohr helped a lot in understanding the properties and he structure of matter. Moreover these discoveries led to a better understanding of chemical bonds and chemical reactions. All these discoveries totally changed the traditional science of chemistry.


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