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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

E transfer policy 2020 for transfer of teachers through e transfer Punjab school education department

The government of the Punjab school education department has decided to loft ban from e transfer of teachers in Punjab. The Minister of school education Punjab Mr. Murad Ras has already intimated many times through press conferesses and tweets that ban on teacher transfer through e transfer Punjab. It is worth mentioning here that in school education department Punjab teacher can request / apply for transfer from one school to another online through sis punjab app. The sis punjab app is available in play store and data / profile of each teacher has already been created and user name which cnic of teacher and password sent through registered mobile number. Now teacher can use this info i.e username password of their sis app to login and can apply for desired school to transfer online for e transfer 2020 Punjab. 6th Round of e transfer of teacher in Punjab will be started soon through sis app.
The school education department Punjab issues policies for transfer 2020 each year. In this regard instructions and policy of tranafer 2020 for teachers has been issued. You can chech your eligibility criteria to apply for e transfer punjab 2020 online. E transfer Punjab for transfer of school teacher in Punjab policy is given below in detail for you to check whether or not you are elligible to apply and how much merit marks will you get in e transfer policy 2020.

Amended Transfer Rules 2020 of e transfer of Teachers in Punjab

Compassionate Grounds e transfer of teacher Punjab

Marks calculation for teachers service on promotion in present school and post

In case of teachers promoted to a post or newly appointed teacher / educators no marks during first year of service of prmotion or new appointment.
After 1st year of service of promotion or appointment 2 marks for each served year on each post and each school will be granted to the maximum of 30 marks.
Note:- marks for e transfer calculation will be calculated upto 2 decimil place.

Seniority (at present school / post while on the same post in school education department)

In case of teachers promoted to a post or newly appointed teacher / educators no marks during first year of service of prmotion or new appointment.
After 1st year of service of promotion or appointment 2 marks for each served year on each post and each school will be granted to the maximum of 20 marks.
Note:- marks for e transfer calculation will be calculated upto 2 decimil place.

Compassionate Grounds e transfer of teachers

15 marks will be granted to divorced, widow or disabled teachers in e transfer merit marks of teachers.

Wedlock e transfer of teachers

15 additional marks would be granted to  married teachers in merit calculation of e transfer of teachers.

Marks for distance in e transfer merit marks calculation 

Maximum 20 marks for distance will be granted to a teacher applying for e transfer punjab.
All PST/ESEs teachers or educators will get 0.5 marks / km after first 8 km of distance.
All est / sese or sst / sse teachers / educators will be given 0.25 marks / kmafter 16 km of distance in e transfer merit calcuation of teachers in year 2019 and 2020.

Rules for mutul  transfer of teacher in e transfer Punjab 2019-2020

1. Teachers applying for mutul transfer can not apply for compassionate ground or open merit transfer of e transfer in sis app.
2. In mutul transfer none of teacher should be above 59 year old for transfer in transfer policy 2019 and 2020.
3. For BPS-16 or below scales teachers can apply for mutul transfer within district transfer only.
4. For mutul transfer both teachers will apply in sis app for e transfer 2020 in punjab.
5. For mutul transfer of e transfer phase 2020 both the teachers apply for transfer must have same post and same subjects and the length of service in current school must be at least one year for e transfer Punjab.
6. For mutul e-transfer in sis punjab app male teacher can apply for mutul transfer with male school teacher and female school teacher can apply for mutul transfer with female school teacher.
7. For mutul transfer case transfer on  post can be done only once.

E transfer Rules for Married Persons

For Male Teachers / Educators
Married male person is not elligible to apply within his own district for e transfer in Punjab 2019.
For transfer to other district married male teachers wife must be government employee in any department to be elligible for applyin e transfer of inter district transfers.

For Married Female Teachers / Educators
All married female teachers and educators are elligible to apply for e transfer.
For all married candidate of e transfer their applications for transfer will be considered on open merit basis. For female candidate applying for e transfer wedlock policy in inter district transfer must have computerized nikkah nama and male teachers must have nikkah nama and service certificate of wife.

Instructions for teachers apply for transfer through e-transfer 2020

1. Open merit transfer will be only on vacant post.
2. Application for e transfer 2020 Punjab school will be considered in relevant school as per post and subject.
3. Teacher must give preferences of school for e transfer and merit lists will be prepared through computer and after transfer if a teacher dont follow transfer order of e transfer punjab strict disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulter.
4. For inter district transfer to other district transfer will be done on the left over sears after promotion cases.
5. Female teachers appointed in male schools are elligible to apply for e transfer in sis punjab for both male and female schools but teachers working female schools can apply in female schools only.
6. For transfer of computer teacher, Sse(cs) or sst(cs) can apply to those schools will computer lab exists and number of students in matric class are more than 60 otherwise they can not apply for e transfer.
7. Pst / ese must be at least 2 minimum in each school.
7. For Est / sese 
a. There must be at least 03 teachers in middle section of the school.
b. In middle section school sese(urdu), est(urdu), sese(eng), est(eng), sese(arts), est(general), est(oriental) or est(vernacular) post teacher can not apply for transfer at the same time there must be at least one single teacher left in school from above posts after transfer.
c. In middle section school sese(math), est(math), sese(science), est(science) or sese(science/math) post teacher can not apply for transfer at the same time there must be at least one single teacher left in school from above posts aft0er transfer.
8. For e transfer of sse / sst
a. There must be at least 02 teachers in high section.
b. Sse(urdu), sse(eng), sse(arts) and sst(arts) post teacher can not apply for transfer at the same time there must be at least one single teacher left in school from above posts after transfer.
c. Sse(math), sse(physics), sse(math / physics) and sst(science) post teacher can not apply for transfer at the same time there must be at least one single teacher left in school from above posts after transfer.
9. In case of equal marks in merit of e transfer Punjab 2020 female teachers and educators will be given preference over male teachers / educators.
10. Age will be determined from cnic.
11. In case of disabled candidate disability certificate from social welfare department along with medical certificate must be available. In case of widow computerized nikkah name and death certificte must be available and in case of divorced the divorce paper computerized issued from concerned muincipal corporation or tma must be available.
12. In case of female teacher, she can apply on compassionate ground transfer in case her husband or any sibling is disabled once during 03 year service through e transfer punjab 2020.
E transfer rules 2020 for school teacher in punjab through online sis app

E transfer punjab transfer policy 2020

Monday, 25 May 2020

Implementation of fee mechanisim /Fee concession to private school students during pandemic covid-19

The Government of the Punjab scholl education department Punjab jas issued notification regarding 20% concession to all the students of private schools. Notifiction regarding concession of fee 20% by the private schools to all the students has been issued. You can now check the full notification and letter of fee concession by private schools in pandemic covid-19:-
Dated Lahore, the 22" April, 2020

1. All Deputy Commissioners/Chairman,
District Registering Authority, Funjao.
2. All Chiof Executive Officors (DEA)/Secretary,
District Registering Authority, Punjab.
I am directed to refer to the subject noted above and to state that the Governor of the Punjab is pleased to promulgate an Ordinance pertaining to 20% concession in fee by inserting Section 12(D) after 12(C) in the Punjab Private Educational Institution (Promotion and Regulation) Ordinance, 1984.
A copy of Gazette Notification of the said Ordinance duly notified by the Law &Parliamentary Affairs Department is enclosed herewith for implementation.

1. The Director Public Instructions (SE/EE),. Punjab, Lahore.
2. The P.S. to Minister for School Education, Punjab, Lahore.
3. PS to Secretary, School Education Department, Lahore.
4. PS to Special Secretary (Operations/Reforms), School Education Deptt.
20% fee reduction Private Schools

No: /S78 _/G-I
Dated: 2a/ 4412020
The Heads / Administrators/ Owners/ Principals of Privatf Schools,
District Rawalpindi.
DURING COVID-19. AMENDMENT IN THE PUNJAB PRIVATE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION (PROMOTION & REGULATION ORDINANCE 1984) Kindly refer to Ordinance No. Legis: 13-29/2003(P-1) Dated 22-04-2020 promulgated by the Governor of the Punjab, ISsued by the Govt. of the Punjab Law and Parliamentary Affairs Lahore, wherein insertion ot section 12D in the Ordinancee IV of 1984 in the Punjab Private Educational Institutions (Promotion and Regulation) Ordinance, 1984 (1V of 1984) after section 12 C the following new section 12D shall be inserted "special directive,-1he Registering Authority may issue special directives for closure of schools and for ensuring that students are inparted education through alternative means i
special circumstances including but not limited to calamities, epidemics, floods, wars environmental or natural disasters, or when the Registering Authority deems that physical presence of students at schools is huzardous of their health, and the  egistering Authority may also issue directions determining the fee to be charged by the schools for the period during Such special directives remain in field" Furthermore, the School Education Department, Govt. of Punjab, Lahore, vide Notification No. So (ACADE-I)1-13/2008, Dated 22-04-2020, directed the Distriet Registering Authorities to implement the said direction in true letter and spirit regarding the 20% discount. The Heads / Administrators/ Owners/ Principals of Private Schools, District Rawalpindi (ineluding any kind of trust school or running by any NGO) having fee structure above Rs: 4000/- as well as having fee structure less than Rs:4000/- are hereby directed to comply with the above said direction and issue revise fee challan with 20% discount immediately, if not issued earlier In view of the above; you are further directed to submit compliance certificate/ report at the undersigned oftice by tomorrow till 3:00 PM positively. In case of non-compliance, strict action will be taken under  revailing rules.

A copy Is torwarded for information and necessary action to:-
1. The PS to the Secretary School Education Department, Govt. of Punjab, Lahore.
2 The PS to the Commissioner, Rawalpindi Division, Rawalpindi.
3. The PS to the Deputy Commissioner, Rawalpindi
4. The Director Public Instructions (SE/EE), Rawalpindi.
5. The District Education Oflicers (SE, M-EE), District Rawalpindi.
6. The all Members of District Registration Authority, Rawalpindi.
7. The officers/ officials concerned.
8. Notification file.
20 fee concession notification by private school notification

Fee concession notification for private schools students by ceo(dea) rawalpindi

Sunday, 24 May 2020

Jobs advertisements / posts vacant in ministry of food security and reseach

The ministry food security and research  has announced different contract regular and project based jobs. Jobs available in different posts in ministry of food security and research. You can the elligibility criteria of each jobs from below advertisement and can apply accordingly:-
Sr. NoName of VacancyPay ScaleNo of Posts
1Deputy Director (Coord)PPS-0801 Vacancy
2Assistant Director (Admin & Accounts)PPS-0701 Vacancy
3Assistant Director (Coord)PPS-0705 Vacancies
4Assistant Director (MS)PPS-0701 Vacancy
5AccountantPPS-0601 Vacancy
6Computer OperatorPPS-0606 Vacancies
7APS to DPCPPS-601 Vacancy
8DriversPPS-0204 Vacancy
9Dispatch RidersPPS-0101 Vacancy
10Naib QasidPPS-0106 Vacancies
11ChowkidarsPPS-0101 Vacancy
12SweeperPPS-101 Vacancy
PARC Research and Skill Development Component
Sr. NoName of VacancyPay ScaleNo of Posts
1Scientific OfficerPPS-0703 Vacancies
2Accounts & Financial Admin AssistantPPS-0601 Vacancy
3Plumber / Electrician / Field ManPPS-0206 Vacancies
4DriverPPS-0202 Vacancies
5Naib QasidPPS-0201 Vacancy
National Program for Improvement of Watercourses in Pakistan Phase-II
Sr. NoName of VacancyPay ScaleNo of Posts
1Deputy Director (Coord MS)PPS-0802 Vacancies
2Deputy Director (Admn & Finance)PPS-0801 Vacancy
3Assistant Director (Coord)PPS-0705 Vacancies
4Assistant Director (MS/IT)PPS-0701 Vacancy
5Assistant Director (Admn)PPS-0701 Vacancy
6Assistant Director (Accounts)PPS-071 Vacancy
7Office AssistantPPS-0605 Vacancies
8AccountantPPS-0602 Vacancies
9Computer OperatorPPS-0605 Vacancies
10AssistantPPS-0602 Vacancies
11DriversPPS-0103 Vacancies
12Dispatch RiderPPS-102 Vacancies
13Office Boy / Naib QasidPPS-0110 Vacancies
14Security Guards / ChowkidarsPPS-0103 Vacancies
15SweeperPPS-101 Vacancy

Jobs in minstery of food security and research contract and regular jobs

Jobs in minstery of food security and research project based jobs

IBCC issued criteria for promotion /pass out of students of 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th buse and fbise classes

IBCC Promotion Guidelines for Metric and Intermediate students approved by Inter provincial Education Ministers Conference

A meeting of Provincial Education Ministers was held today May 14, 2020 in which important decisions were taken regarding 9,10,11,12 class students. It may be emphasized that the National Coordination Committec chaired by the Prime Minister and in which all provincial Chief Ministers took part had already decided to cancel the exams of classes 9 to 12. Today's meeting was in regard to promotion criterion and dealing with all  categories of questions arising out the cancellation decision. The following decisions were arrived at unanimously:
All Grade 9th and 11th students are to be promoted to grade 10th and 12th respectively. This will allow 100% of regular and private students of 9th and 11th grades to advance to the next level.
Students promoted to grade10 and 12 will not take a composite exam in 2021. Thus they wil not be taking grade 9 and 11 exam but only of grade 10 and 12. The grade 9h and 11h scores will be calculated based on their grade 10 and 12" performance in 2021
Grade 10th and 12th students, who had passed all subjects required in Grade 9th and 11th, will pass grade 10 and grade 12 exam based on their Grade 9th and 11th performance. This will
cater to a vast majority of students, All these student wil get an additional 3% added to their total based of the previous exam.
The remaining students appearing in grade 10h and 12th examinations who have failed up to 40% of the Grade 9th and 11th subjects will be awarded passing marks.
A special examination will be held between September and November for the following
Those not satisfied with their grade 11 result and want to improve by taking grade 12a.exam.
b. Those who were taking composite exam and had no grade 11 result to rely on.
c. Those wanting to appear in additional subjects
d. Those who failed in more than 40% of the subjects in grade 9 and 11.
The exam fee of these students will be re-adjusted in the special exams
Transcripts and Certificates
The scores of individual subjects for part II (both theory and practical) will not be mentioned in the transcripts. Only an aggregate score out of 1100 and an overall grade based on the
aggregate score will be awarded to the students for the qualifications. The Boards should mention in the transcript and in the certificate that the marks awarded for part II is the best prediction of the performance and has been awarded based on the formulae and guidelines approved by the government and recognized by IBCC. Grade 10h and 12th students who may wish to sit in the special examination for any reasons may inform their respective boards by July 1, 2020. These students will be awarded results transcript or certificates after the special examination.
Criteria of pass out for board classes bise and fbise matric inter 9th 11 th 12th and 10th

Legal notice of 24 cror to Hamid Mir Geo News anchor by Usman Buzdar Chief Minister Punjab

The chief minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar sent legal notice of 24 kror to Hamid Mir Anchor person Geo News. The detail of the notice is given below. You can also check orginal notice in the last.
6-Begum Road, Lahore.
Mr. Hamid Mir,
Jang Building
40 Blue Area,
represent Sardar Usman Ahmad Khan Buzdar (hereinafter reterred to as "my client") who has provided me with a video clip (along with a transcript thereo) wherein you. while appearing on a television show that airs by the name of "Breaking Point with Malick" in an episode broadcasted on Hum TV on 22.:05.2020, have asserted as follows:
That my client has used public funds to build a hospital in the name of his late father Mr. Fateh Muhammad Burdar, albeit an MPA in his own right but no diferent than a lot of olher members of the Provincial Assembl:
Using public funds for building hospitáls in the names of one's relatives is against the principles set forth by Mr. Imran Khan who has himself eriticized such acis in the past. When caulioned by some undisclosed person against doing so if remains unclear whelher he was cautioned against building a hospital or having it
named afier his late Jather), my client pompously revealed to this
Lundisclosed person that Mr: Imran Khan cannot stop him from doing so as my elient posseses some proof that it was Mr. Imran Khan who had tnstructed my client to take [some umbeknownst and undisclosed) measures viz a viz. the grant of subsidies to sugar imamufacturers ile my client reportedly elaims to hanve some SMS in his record as proof that he hud heen issued such instructions by Mr. Imran Khan but your inguiry into the matter has shown that there exists no such SMS and that my clhent has fabricated an SMS to this efect.
nefariousty planned his moves in case he is prohibiled from taking the aforesaid step and that Mr. Iniran Khan shall soon come to know "whar if is that he is rearing up his sleeve and that you cannot name the animal that he is rearing up his sleeve"
Needless to state that my client is not much bothered by your unpolished, crude and borderiine obscene style of presenting information on live television, however, he has instructed us to issue this legal notice to you for the following reasons  Your assertion that my client named the hospital after the late Mr. Fateh Muhammad Buzdar on account of his relationship with him is misplaced. It 15 a matter of record that the recommendation for naming the hospital after the former representative of the people of DG Khan originated from the administrative committee of DG Khan Medical College with which the hospital is to be attached, Thereafter, the Punjab Assembly passed a resolution to this effect on 25.11.2019. Furthermore, the Cabinet's Standing
Commitee on Legslative Business recommended to the competent
authority to name the said institution as such.
ii. Evidently, you intetionally withheld these facts from your audience. In the video clip you claim to have looked into the matter and one would presume you were in fäct aware that the name for the healtheare facility had not been Suggested by my client but by the Medical College concemed and thereafter by the legislature concerned. You withheld the true and complete account of what happened from your audience and your intent for this omission is as clear as crystal. You sought to malign my client's well-carned repute before your audience as well as to show him in bad light. iñ. You have dececived your audience into believing that the hospital is being named after the late Mr. Fateh Muhammad Buzdar by my client exclusively tor the reason that he was his father whereas the late Mr. Faeh Muhammad Khan Buzdar was the elected representative of the people of Dera Ghazi
Khan for a total of fourteen odd years up until 2013. He had successfully contested and won the election from PP-241 (Dera Ghazi Khan-Il) thrice.
These facts themselves are a testament to his following in the people of Dera Ghazi Khan. The hospital indubitably is to be built in Dera CGhazi Khan for the people of Dera Ghazi Khan and it would obviously not be out of place to name it after someone who the people of Dera Ghazi Khan hold in high esteem and have considered at some point in time to be their representative or leader.
iv. Keeping in view the facts narrated above (which you quite conveniently withheld from your audience) any in prejudiced man and anyone who 1sn driven by malice would easily come to the conclusion that Mr. Fateh Muhammad Khan Buzdar was a leader of the people of Dera Ghazi Khan in his own right and there is absolutely no anomaly in naming a hospital being built in that locality after him. Only malice would make one concoct the account that you have presented to your audience viz. a viz. the matter at hand.
v. Your assertion that my clhent informed some undisclosed person that if opposed on the idea of naming the said hospital after his father by the esteemed premier of the country he would intimidate him by threatening to publicize some fabricated orders that my client clainms to have received from him for the issuance of subsidies to the sugar manufacturers is absolutely
baseless because nothing of the kind as has been asserted by you ever happened. Neediess to mention this is a tigment of your fertile yet ndiculous, outrageous and depraved imagination.
Vi. The above should be viewed in light of the indubitable fact that my client is not solely or even remotely responsible for considering the grant of subsidy.
The cabinet sub-committee, the cabinet itself and eventualy the provincial legislature are the three constitutionally recognized bodies that are consttuttonaly and legally responsible for such matters. All three bodies approved the subsidy and therefore to lay the blame in this respect on my client is absolutely unfair, unwarranted and gratuitous. Unfortunately, doing so is something that you, as a journalist, are known for.
vii. My client is a respectable citizen of Pakistan currently holding a coveted constitutional position, He is a holder of degree in Law, has practiced law, is a seasoned politician, has been returmed thrice to the Provincial Assembly and, therefore, knows the Constitution and the law. The tenor of false statement specified above, maliciously paints my client as a lecherous, devious and dishonest person. Such assertions are malicious, wrongtul,
untrue, baseless and deliberately composed by you to injure the reputation of my client and to degrade him in the estimation of others. The said broadcast has damaged my client's reputation personaly as well as a politician and has lowered him in the estimation of others.
vii. The said defamatory video was broadcast without demur, which renders you as well as the broadcaster liable under the PEMRA Ordinance, 2002.
ix. Therefore, I hereby ask you to immediately, and certainly not later than fourteen days from the receipt of this notice, unequivocally spologize to my client in an unqualified manner. to the satisfaction of my client. Needlless to add that such apology should be as prominent, clear and conspicuous as is the false assertions specified in the narrative above.
x. Additionally, within the said fourteen days you are required to pay Rupees Fwenty Five Crores as damages, failing which ifa suit is filed Rupees Rs25 Crores plus markup shall be claimed.
xi In case you choose not to act as required above, I have clear and unqualificd instructions to institute appropriate civil and criminal proceedings against you in appropriate farums including but not limited to a criminal complaint under Section 499 PPC as also proceedings under the Defamation Ordinance
Obaid Ullah
Advocate High Court
Te: (02-42) 37173204, Mob. 03214255577
Legal notice issued to hamid mir geo news anchor by usman buzdar cm punjab

Usman buzdar cm Punjab vs hamid mir geo news anchor

Legal notices

Friday, 22 May 2020

Announcement of incentive to civil servants proceeding Leave Preparatory to retirement after completion of25 years service

Government of Pakistan
Finance Division
(Regulation Wing)
Islamabad, May 20, 2020.
The undersigned is directed to refer to this Division's OM No. F.1(8)-R-4/89 dated 04-12-1991 on the above subject (copy attached for a ready reference) and to state that the said OM has been amended to the extent that the facility of retention of official accommodation till date of superannuation on early retirement as mentioned at part-A sub-para () titied.- Retention of Govt. accommodation, stands withdrawn. The above amendment has been made in pursuance of the Cabinet Decision dated 21-04-2020. The other provisions of the said OM dated 04-12-1991 will remain intact.
(Muhammad Aawar Javaid)
SectionOficer (R-4)
Tel 051-9245872
All Ministries/Divisions

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Division’s OM No. F.1(8)-R-4/89 dated 04-12-1991 on the above subject (copy attached for ready reference) and to state that the said OM has been amended to the extent that the facility of retention of official accommodation till the date of superannuation on early retirement as mentioned at Part-A sub-para (i) titled. –Retention of Govt. Accommodation stands withdrawn. The above amendment has been made in pursuance of the Cabinet Decision dated 21-04-2020. The other provisions of the said OM dated 04-12-1991 will remain intact.
Notification No. F.1(8)-R4/89 dated 4th December 1991
The undersigned is directed to state that the Govt. has been pleased to approve the following retirement benefits to the superannuating and additional incentive for civil servants of B-21-22 who desire to proceed on retirement on completion of 25 years of service w.e.f. 19.2.1991:-
Retention of Govt. Accommodation
A retiring Govt. Servants will be entitled to retain the Govt. accommodation allotted to him after his retirement upto the date of his superannuation plus 6 months. In case the retired Govt. servant dies during this period, this facility shall be extended to the family of the deceased for the corresponding period;
Private Job:
A retiring Govt. Officers shall be permitted to undertake a private job (except a job under foreign Govt.) or to carry on private business in partnership with other parties during LPR and thereafter. Such permission will be given by the Govt. Liberally; and
Additional Pension:
A retiring Govt. officer in BPS-20, 21, and 22 will be allowed a special additional pension equal to the admissible pre-retirement orderly allowance.
B) Incentives for Grade-21-22 officer to retire on completion of 25 years of service.
The incentives at (A) above will be available to all such officers. In addition, the following additional incentives will be available to all civil officers in BPS-21 and 22 who opt to retire on completion of 25 of years or more service:-
ii) On retirement after LPR, they will be entitled to a pension calculated on their service as on the date of proceeding on LPR, plus LPR availed plus a grace period of two years; provided the above period does not exceed the prescribed age of superannuation.
iii) For the purpose of commutation, the factor relevant to actual age on the conclusion if LPR will be as under existing orders/rule.
All the Ministries/Divisions are requested to bring the above incentive to the notice of all Govt. servants working under their administrative control for their information.

Announce,ent of incentive to civil servant going on LPR
Announcement of incentive to civil servant going on LPR

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Notification of premature increment on appointment of CT to SST kpk education department



NO. FD (SoSR-1) 2-123/2019
Dated Peshawar the: 11-02-2020

The Acoountant General Khyber Pakhtunkhwu


15) TO SST185-18) POST

Dear Sir,

Iam directed to refer to your office leter Na H-2481 VDI SIhanVol-X/911 datèd 06-12-2019 on the subjecl noted above and to statethat previOusly, in a similar nalure case the ACGs Ofice, Peshawar vide letter No H-24(77)VDir LowerVol-VI2018-17/203 dated 25-04-2017 had sought opinion ol this Depariment which was examined in defail ond resuilantly opinian of AGs.0ftice, Pethawar was confimed through letter No FDSOSR-132-123/2017 dated 11-10-2017. Hence, the three years condition has already
been re1laxed under the said leter. As far as. para-3 of Finance Department's letter No FO(PRC)1-1/97 dalecd 16-03-1999 is concerned, in this regard the said letter is crystal clearself-explanalory, therefore no further clarification eiaboration is
required, piease.

Your's faithfully.

Kpk school education departmemt has notified premature increment to the teacher who have been promoted from ct to sst check the notification below:-
Premature increment on promotion from ct to sst in kpk

Preparation of promotiom cases bs 18 to bs 19 female by dpi (se) Punjab

NO. 3oS8
Dated Lahore
All the District Education Officer (SE),
In the Punjab.
In continuation of this Directorate Memo No. 8673/C-Ill dated 12.06.2019 on the subject cited above. You are requested to prepare the promotion cases of the lady officers relating to your
District for promotion to BS-19 according to New Promotion policy, 2010 upto seniority No. 330 instead of 312 out of notified seniority list of BS.18 officers (Female - General Cadre), corected upto 31-03-2018 against the resultant vacancies occur / become vacant due to one reason or the other in BS-19 in near future and submit to this Directorate immediately. The cases may be prepared in the following manner.
1Complete ACRs upto 2019
2 Complete Synopsis upto 2019
3Latest passport Size colour photograph alongwithCV
15-Sets (One Original+ 14
Two Copies
No Enquiry/ No Punishment O 10ng iea
leave/ No Ex-Pakistan Leave/ No deputation Certificate/No 15-Sets (One Original + 14
Anti Corruption Certificate issued by the District Ant-
Coruption Establishment
017, 2018 & 2019)
CC SIOWn against each year)
15-Sets (One Original +14
One copy
One copy
One copy each
t ieter
SSSelection Grade Order (if awarded)
8 oon notication in BS-17 & BS-18 (Regular) with
9. Photo copies of M.A. and B.Ed. /M.Ed. Degrees
10 Attested copy of N.IL.C. of the officer concerned
One copy each, duly attested by
the DEO (SE), concerned.
One Copy
On full page)_
Proforma New Promotion Policy, 2010 Quantification Chart) must be filled in with.
11. doeumentary proof and should also be signed by the DEO (SE), concerned and provide in| the shape of hard copy with soft copy in form of C.D.
You are requested to prepare the each case carefuly. In case of concealment of any kind of facts or submission of any wrong statement, the officer/ oficial concermed will be held
responsible and will be dealt under the existing Disciplinary Rules. It is further added that if an offlicer is not available at his address, notified in the seniority list, his fresh posting address may be communicated to this Directorate with documentary
proof, without any delay OTE . Each case must be prepared and submitted to this Directorate whether any enquiry is Pending against him or he was punished in the past. Non availablility of record / ACRS will be no excused and it will not be accepted at any cost. Subject of Master Degree of the officer concerned should clearly be mentioned /potnted out in the s5ynopsis.
Al the nime of preparation of working paper, the cases out of above will be considered as per avallabilityf posts and issuance of this letter will not be claimed aS a right jor P  Certificate is required from the DEO (SE) concerned regarding genuine signatyes o the Reporting Oficer / Countersigming Oficer upoyteCRs/PERS In signature the DEO (SE) concerned shall be held repsponsible.
Endst. No.
Copy forwarded to:
P.S. to Secretary, School Education Department, Government of the Punjab,
Lahore for infomation please.
The Director General, Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development,
Punjab, Wahdat Colony, Lahore..
The Director, Punjab Text Book Board, Wahdat Colony, Lahore.
The Director, Punjab Examination Commission.(PEC), Punjab, Lahore
All the Chief Executive Officer (DEA), M the Runjab with the (reduest to
ensure the compliance in letter and spirit.
Dpi(se) lahore Punjab has directed deo(se)s in punjab to orepare lists of promotion cases from bps 18 to bps 19  order in this regard has been shared below.
Preparation of promotiom cases bs 18 to bs 19 female by dpi (se)

Preparation of promotiom cases bs 18 to bs 19 female by dpi (se)

6th round of e transfer to be finalize in sed punjab

SED is going to run 6th round of e-Transfer, where all types of transfers will be processed together. This round will require  vailability of credible and reliable data. Schools heads have been given time to update data of teachers and sanctioned posts within a week time. Head teachers are being given access to correct data of teachers and sanctioned posts through SIS.
Head Teachers can update profile of teachers Head Teachers can update sanctioned posts of School Head Teachers can change assigned posts of teachers. But Head Teachers will not be able to update. Information of teachers transferred through e transfer.
They will also not be able to change name, CNIC, and personal
number of teachers. CEOs need to verily that the following information hasbeen entered correctly in the system:

1. All teachers are assigned a sanctioned post.
2. All posts are marked as verified in the system.
3. All schools have a teacher who is marked as the head of the school (permanent or additional charge)

4. All teachers have marked themselves as verified for all the districts, the above four elements can be checked on the stats page (see image In addition to this, the CEOs are also required to:
5. Ensure that posts in each school and the teachers assigned to these posts within the school are correct.
6. Ensure that the promotions for each promoted teacher
7. Ensure that all teachers of there district are entered in the
8. Verify that the quota placements for all teachers are
(whose promotion is currently un-actualized) is entered in
the systerm properly system (if not in any school, they should be marked as surrendered or on Admin duty correct.
All these clements will be available in a downloadable PDF
file, which the CEOs will be required to sign and submit, to verify
that the data in the system is complete and correct.
School education department Punjab has started working on 6th round of e transfer in punjab in which teachers of schools will be able to apply for transfer through out the punjab within district and inter district through sis app.
E transfer 6th round to be started in sed punajab

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