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First group Physics paper 2012 of all punjab boards

First group physics paper 2012 of punjab boards which include rawalpindi board, gujranwala board, lahore board, multan board, pindi board, sheaikhupura board, bhawalpur board, faisalabad board for the class of 9th is given hereby for students guide / help published from

S.S.C – (Part)-I-A-2012
Physics (Essay Type)      Group-I
Time: 1:45 Hours
Part-I      15x2=30
Note: Write short answers of  maximum 5 parts from each question of section-I. Write question No. and its part carefully on the Answer Book.
Q. No. 2
i. Write down the contribution of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan in brief.
ii.   What is Hypothesis?
iii.  What is the use of vernier calipers?
iv. Define meter.
v. Define translator motion.
vi. Define uniform acceleration
vii. state law of conservation of momentum.
Viii Write down two methods to reduce friction.
Q. No. 3
i. Define trigonometric ratios.
ii. under what condition the sum of three vectors will be zero.
iii. Define ‘torque’ and write down its formula.
iv. Define first and second condition of equilibrium.
v. What is meant by artificial satellite?
vi. What is mean by centrifuge?
vii. Write down the unit of work and define it.
viii. Define elastic potential energy and give an example.
Q. No. 4
i. Define mechanical advantage.
ii. Write down the names of simple machines
iii. Define “Inclined plane”
iv. What is the difference between stress and strain.
v. Define Young’s Modulus.
vi. Define pressure and write down its unit also.
vii. define “conduction of heat”.
viii. State Boyl’s law.
Note: Answer any two questions from the following.  9x2=18
Q. No. 5
(a) Define physics and explain any three of its branches. (04)
(b) The velocity of a motor cycle changes from 10m/s to 20m/s in 10 s. If motor cycle does not change its direction then calculate its average acceleration.
Q. No. 6
(a) Determine the mass of earth with the help of law of gravitation.  (04)
(b) A motor pulls 2000 Kg water in one hour from a 50m deep well. Find the power of the motor. (05)
Q. No.  7
(a) State Charle’s law and derive its equation. (04)
(b) Find the water pressure on a deep sea diver at a depth of 10m. When the density of sea water is 1030 Kg /m3.  (05)

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