Saturday, 24 March 2012

How to pass practical exam tips / tricks for passing practical examinations 2012 - 2013

For Question no. 1 and 2 students have to perform the practicals as well as to write the performed practical as it is in answer book sheet. But it is strongly recommended to the students whether they can perform the experiments or not they should learn it by heart so that can write easily on paper because most of the examiners / superintendent prefer written work instead of performed practical so if you can't perform experiment but can write it then hopefully you will be passed and another important thing is viva voce if you performed good in viva voce then you may get good marks on viva voice base.
I will try to upload at least one practical paper of latest pattern as soon as possible. The major subjects in which practical involves are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science (CS), Electrical Wiring etc. Remember that usually Physics practical are necessary to be performed because easy and appratus is available in the science labs so try to perform these experiment. And Biology and Chemistry experiments are usually written based so try to learn by heart and remember. I will try to upload the papers as well as famous questions in these subjects and guess papers.

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  1. your post is quiet impressive but i want to know , how to get good marks in practical exams without even preparing my self for exams . if u know any tips to get good marks in the exams then mail me please my email is i really need your tips please i m the average student of my class but my two practical of PHYSICS,CHEMISTRY were not so good i did not perform well also in viva voce and now i wanted to do the Biology's practical perfect for good grades ! so any thing which u think can help me mail it to me at
    Thanks ! :)

  2. But for me learning by heart is too difficult.. Especially in chemistry how to remember the amount of chemicals

  3. It's difficult to even perform because in our school teachers didn't tell us that

  4. Is Viva easy or difficult?? How to remember the amount of chemicals??

  5. what about the biology practical


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