Sunday, 25 March 2012

Important News for Matric (Science) students class (9th & 10th) Regarding Practical examination papers

Students all you know that the practical examination of the different boards of punjab as well as federal boards held in different groups for example the practical of Physics runs for at least seven days and there are at least fifteen 15 groups and the students can get benefit if they catch the earlier group practical paper that can help you to guess a little about the practical experiment and you can prepare it well.
The important news is that practical papers of all the groups as soon as exams will held will be available from this site so keep in touch to check out the latest papers.
The second important news is the guess paper for practical examination will be available within two days as soon as prepared.
The 3rd and the last news is the papers of matric class (9th & 10th) held this year i.e 2012 will be available soon for the help of students.

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