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Old Paper of Computer Science (CS) matric class 9th Punjab boards for the year 2012

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The paper of computer science for the year 2012 is given below

                                              S.S.C - (Part-I) - A-2012
Roll No.

                                      COMPUTER SCIENCE (Essay Type)

Mars: 40                                                                                            Time: 1:45 Hours
                                                    Part-I                                             12x2=24
Note: Write shor answers of maximum 6 parts from each question of secion-I. Write question No. and its part carefully on the answer book.

Q. No. 2
i.    Why Labtop is popular?
ii.   Write down two negative impacts of computer and internet on society.
iii.   What do you mean by computer hardware?
iv.   Define application software.
v.    Write down names of any four devices which are used aas input and output devices.
vi.   What is the purpose of "Caps Lock Key"?
vii.  Why RAM is a volatile memory?
viii.  Define the computer code.
ix.   Define the information.

Q, No. 3
i.    (97)10 = (?)10
ii.   What is the purpose of AND operation?
iii.  Write down two advantages of K-map.
iv.  What is the basic difference in DOS and Windows?
v.   What are DOS Batch files?
vi.  How the files are deleted from Recycle Bin?
vii. What is the use of Task Bar in windows?
viii. How the disk drives are accessed in windows?
ix.  How the files are serched in windows?


NOTE: Answer any two questions from the following. 8x2 = 16
Q. No. 4 Write a note on classification of computers.

Q. No. 5 What are output devices? Explain any two types of output devices.

Q. No. 6 Calculate -55+30 using 8-bits 2's complement method.


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