Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Result of Middle / Primary / 8th / 5th class held under Punjab Education Commission 2012

Click below link for getting middle and primary class results 2012 for different district you will have to download these result which are in pdf format
According to press release Punjab Education Commission (PEC) will announce result of middle class 8th / primary 5th class on 31st march 2012. Usually Punjab Education commission announces the results according to  the announcement. The papers of middle 8th class and primary 5th class has been checked  and
lists of results have been prepared but there is still no news about the publishing of Garnette and mark sheets / results. The papers of pec usually remain of very high standard above the student level because government has to show the improvement in the education standard but actually these examinations are not improving the standard of education because cheating is very usual in these examination. There are certain cases where papers were solved by the teachers in examination centres and at some centres teachers themselves solved the paper of each and every students. The government should reconsider this system to improve it and to control cheating cases. Another important thing is that teacher who prepares these paper should keep eye in all students of the province and standard of papers should be for average students.

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  2. MAYAM if you wish to check the result either download whole list or tell us your roll no. and district and class


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