Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Latest News / Updates Regarding Notification of Conveyance Allowance by Punjab Government 2012 - 2013

The federal Government Revised the conveyance allowance for its employees and the employees of the other Provincial Government were considering the same increase in their pay but after a long delay there is still no news regarding the increase in conveyance allowance of the punjab, sindh, Balochistan and Khayber Pakhtoonkha province. And it seems that the employees of the provinces will not be awarded to such an increase.
Many websites and sources are misguiding people regarding this issue that the provinces have also increased the conveyance allowance. Many of the people and member of this blog asked me about the fact of the matter and after contacting to the official of the different government institution i found now such news that punjab government will increase the conveyance allowance of its employees as the federal government did in its decision.
On the one side the government is thinking for the unified pay scale but on the other side this type of difference in pay scale is increasing disappointment in the employees of the provincial government. The Provincial Government should take the step like the federal government to increase the conveyance allowance of its employees.
Anyhow it is informed once again that there is still no notification for increase in conveyance allowance of the provincial / punjab government employees. So dont be frustrate by the random news published by different websites and sources and wait for the fact until it appear through some reasonable source.
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