Wednesday, 24 October 2012

New Scheme of Study For Intermediate (Part I & II) Class XI & XII for Sesion 2012-2014

New Scheme of Study For Intermediate (Part I & II) Class XI & XII for Sesion 2012-2014

The Punjab Boards Committee of Chairmen has approved the summary for the conducting the examination of intermediate classes according to new scheme of study for the session 2012-2014. The total numbers for the part I and Part II (First Year and Second Year) are the same i.e 550 each. That mean total number at intermediate will still remain 1100. The board also took the decesion regarding practical examination and decided that the practical subject that invole one question will carry 15 marks.  And it is the responsibility of the institute to manage a 3 hour class per week for practical / library / manual work examination. The board also decided that the institute can only offer those subjects for which they have been given affiliation.
Another important decision that was taken is the pass percentage and from now to onwards the pass percentage marks for intermediate classes have also been increased from 33% to 40% that mean that students who before were declared passed when getting 33 number out of 100 now require to get 40 marks out of 100 to pass the subject.
The board also revised the grading system according to new scheme of study grading system is as under:-
A+ = 90% & Above
A = 80%
B = 70%
C = 60%
D = 50%
E = 40%
F = Fail = Below 40%
The above mentioned grades will be shown on the certificate / mark sheets of the candidates. If you wish to see original copy of the notification you can download it from the below link just click the link and download remember you must have to install pdf reader to read this letter.Which you can search from google. And will be available on this site as i am going to upgrade the gaming and software section.

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