Monday, 26 August 2013

Resumption of Urdu as Medium of Instructions in Schools of Punjab

Resumption of Urdu as Medium of Instructions in Schools of Punjab

The Provincial Minister Education Punjab ordered for the resumption of Urdu as a medium of instruction in all schools of the Punjab. Before this PM Shahbaz Sharif was acting to convert all the school to English Medium. And most of the schools in Punjab were converted to English Medium. The mother and national languages are said to be best for the education as by the experts, but our educationalist are still trying to convert all the system into English medium.

The drop out in the schools of Punjab have increased due to english medium. And most of the students who belong to lower class families are not able to understand english wording so this is a great problem not only for the students but for the teachers too.

Now it is a good decision by the minister education Punjab for implementation of Urdu as medium of instruction in Punjab. From the next academic year Urdu will be medium of instructions, but the English medium will not be totally vanished. According to the news report it has been instructed by the Secretary Education Punjab to all heads of the schools to start two sections of each class one in English and other in Urdu medium so that the students who are in English medium could easily continue their studies

The examination will also be in both mediums i.e students will have the option to either solve the paper in English or in Urdu this will be applicable for the botth internal and external examination

The parents, teachers and teacher unions were also demanding for the implementation of urdu as medium of instructions and it is in great national interest so i congratulate all those who tried for this noble cause.


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