Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Chemistry an Introduction (Chapter 1)

In this chapter you will learn:
1.     What is chemistry
2.     Various disciplines of chemistry
3.     History of Chemistry
4.     The scientific method
5.     Chemistry and the society

        Allah has created this universe with the greatest wisdom and skill and the creation of man is the biggest phenomenon of the universe. Allah has given man, the status of His deputy, in this universe. He has blessed him with superior capabilities, knowledge and a quest for investigation. Allah has given clear-cut instructions to study the mystery of the universe. We find in the Quran, for more than seven hundred times, Allah's behest to investigate the phenomena of Nature.
        Man has been investigating his environment since the beginning of his creation and has succeeded in collecting a lot of information about Nature. After processing this information, he has tried to unearth hidden secrets of Nature.
(Definition of Science)
        This search of man for collecting knowledge and integrating it, is called science.
    Science is the knowledge, with the help of which, man gets information about himself and his environment. He then thries to arrange this gathered information and explain the data thus compiled.
         The scientific knowledge is so vast that no one can understand and master it without classifying it in different disciplines. The major disciplines of science are chemistry, physics, biology (botany, zoology), geology and astronomy. There are no clear-cut boundaries of these disciplines. Scientists have done so, for their own convenience. As the universe is an integrated unit so its knowledge should also be an integrated one. How different disciplines of science are integrated can be seen.


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