Wednesday, 14 December 2011

What is Chemistry?

Definition of chemistry
Chemistry is the science, which deals with the composition and properties of matter, changes in matter and the laws or the principles which govern these changes. The discipline of chemistry is divided into different sub-disciplines, so that after getting basic knowledge of chemistry one can specialize in any discipline. This specialization facilitiates chemistry students to get higher education and do research work. It is not possible for any person to master himself with the science of chemistry. Therefore chemistry is divided into the follwoing branches.
1.  Physical Chemistry
It is the branch of t chemistry, which deals with the physical properties and physical behaviour of material things.
2.  Inorganic chemistry
The study of all elements and their compounds, except carbon is called inorganic chemistry

3. Organic chemistry
The branch of chemistry in which we study the compounds of carbon.
4.  Analytical Chemistry
  It is that branch of chemistry, which discusses the analytical methods for getting information about chemical compounds and chemical processes.
5.  Biochemistry
It is the study of chemical compounds present in living things.
6. Industrial Chemistry

The application of chemical knowledge in technology and industry and the preparation of industrial products is called industrial chemistry.


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