Saturday, 10 March 2012

Cheating cases in different centres of Punjab Education Boards

A number of cases has been reported regarding cheating in different examination centres of the Punjab Boards for matric examination part-ii class 10. A certain numbers of cases has also been reported where staff conducting examination was pressurized to involve in cheating and allow candidate to cheat in examination. However, the honest staff denied. And later the management of private school who tried to pressurized the examination staff used their approach and changed the staff but the the superintendent and other staff boycotted against this decision of the board and decided to not join the new centre. This seems a great deficiency from the management of the board that instead of supporting honest staff they are supporting the cheaters. The famous school of Rawalpindi gaining positions in board was involved in this case and was buying the position for their school. This is very confusing for the students who worked hard and the cheaters are getting the positions. The students demand a honest system of examination.

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