Friday, 9 March 2012

Training of newly inducted / recrurited educatiors 2012 - 2012 in Punjab Scholl Education Department

The Government of The Punjab taking solid steps for enhancing the literacy rate of the Punjab province. In this regard the PML(N) government has took many solid steps. First of all the medium of Punjab government schools has been changed from Urdu to English. Which will make government schools students to compete with the other private and modern school. Keeping in view the modern era of computer The Punjab Governemt also provided the computer labs with IT teachers. The computer / IT labs provided by the government are very good and fulfill the modern necessities of learning for example a high speed DSL with printer and high speed computers were provided. Another step in this regard was the establishment of Kids room for primary class students. 
The government is also well aware of the fact that teachers have a key role in enhancing the literacy rate and for the said purpose government is appointing / recruiting / inducting new teachers / educators. From the last 3 years the criteria for the selection of teachers has been changed and more and more concerned over the science is being put. Now all the teacher were inducted are at least science graduate. Even though there is complication as the criteria for ESE, SESE and SSE is same graduation with science subjects. That mean for the people who have graduation can apply for all the above posts there is no difference in the criteria keeping in view the scale difference there should. It has also been noted that mostly the teacher inducted this year are M.Phil or enrolled in M.Phil so this is good change that will bring good people towards education / teaching career.
The training for newly inducted teachers throughout the Punjab is being held and for this purpose experienced teachers are appointed as trainer. The training was mainly held at district levels however, for the convenience for teachers specially for female teachers training at Tehsil level was also started to facilitate the candidates. At Tehsil level training was held under the control of DTE's (District Teacher's Educators). The merit policy was very strict this year too keeping the professional and academic qualification of the candidate  a Pre-Merit list was prepared. Then after interview and computer skill test and final selection was made. However, this year a little change was observed that was emission of priority form that was for facilitating candidates. A number of candidates could not attend the training due to late arrival or these candidates were not informed which seems a little problem from the admin side. Admin of Education department should taken necessary steps to facilitate the candidates which could not reach at time as they all were selected from the strict merit criteria.
Anyhow the induction of new science graduate teachers will change the old trends of education and will help improving the literacy level of the country. 

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