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Punjab Boards English Paper 2012 Group - 1 for matric class (part-2) class 10th

                                                              S.S.C - (Part-II) - A- 2012
Roll No. ___________ to be filled in by the candidate

English Compulsory (Essay Type) Group-I                                                  Time: 2:10 Hours Marks: 58

2. Write short answers of any five of the following questions.                                                   5x2=10

i. What is the importance of 14th August in the history of Pakistan?
ii. Can computers think? Explain your answer.
iii. Who was Hazrat Ayesha's (R.A) father?
iv. What is auto-traffic?
v. What do the crafts of a country represent?
vi. Name three drugs or narcotics generally used.
vii. Why did the guests refuse to eat the dinner?
viii. How can the police give us traffic education?

3. Translate the following paragraph into Urdu OR rewrite into simple English.                              08

Addressing the Muslim League Convention, the Quaid said, "What are we fighting for? What are
we aiming at? It is not a theocracy, nor a theocratic state. Religion is there and it is is dear to us. There are other
things which are very vital: our social life, our economic life; and without political power, how can you defend your
faith and your economic life?

4. Write down the summary of the poem, "A Little Word" by anonymous poet.                              05  
 Paraphrase the following lines into simple English with reference to the context.  

                                                Awake! Arise! The hour is late!
                                                Angels are knocking at the door!
                                                They are in haste and cannot wait,
                                                And once departed come no more.

5. Write an essay of 150-200 words on any ONE of the following topics: 15

 (i) My last day at school                  (ii) Health                                (iii) My Amibition
Write a paragraph of 100-150 words on any one of the following topics:

 (i) How to keep our town clean       (ii) A Picnic                             (iii) The Teacher I like the best

6. Change any five of the following sentences into indirect form.                                                       05

(i) He said, "She will go there."
(ii) He said, "I hope you will not repeat this mistake".
(iii) She saide, "Are you going to Lahore today?"
(iv) The pupil said, "Where have I eased?"
(v) He said, "May God help me do my duty".
(vi) He said, "Hurrah! we have won the match".
(vii) He said, "May God help me do my duty".
(viii) The Teacher says, "She has always been a good student".

7. Use any five of the following pairs of words in your own sentences.                                               05

(i) Angels, Angles                   (ii) Berth, Birth              (iii) Device, Devise               (iv) Die, Dye
 (v) Flour, Floor                     (vi) Meet, Meat            (vii) Piece, Peace                  (vii) Sail, Sale

8. Translate the following paragraph into English.                                                                               10

Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) Makkah mein paida howay. AP(SAWW) K DADA ny AP(SAWW) parwarish ke Jab AP(SAWW) pachees baras k ho gy toh AP(SAWW) ny Hazrat Khadija (R.A) sy shadi kr li. Jab AP(SAWW) Chalees baras k howay toh AP(SAWW) ny kaha Main (SAWW) Paigamber ho. Meri bat ghor sy suno. Khuda aik hai. Uss ke eibadat kro
Alternate question for candidate whose medium of examination is English / Foreign candidates only.
Write ten sentences about "A Picnic".


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