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Punjab Boards Paper of English 2012 Group 2

                                                        S.S.C - (Part-II) - A- 2012

Roll No. ___________ to be filled in by the candidate

English Compulsory (Essay Type) Group-II                                                 Time: 2:10 Hours Marks: 58

2. Write short answers of any five of the following questions.                                                    5x2=10

i. What is the purpose of celebrating a festival?
ii. Why do the people move around in the country?
iii. How can the Police give us traffic education?
iv. What is the role of the students in the progress of our country?
v. What kind of advice has been given by the father to his son?
vi. How should enemies be reated according to the Holy Quran?
vii. Do you think computers have the capacity to take over the world? Why or why not?
viii. What was the first revelation received in the cave of Hira by the Holy Prophet (SAW)?

3. Translate the following paragraph into Urdu. OR Rewrite into simple English.                            08

Our great leader had many other great qualities. He was fearless and courageous. Everbody knew that he always meant what he said. Once he took a decision, he stood by it, no matter what the difficulties in the way. The creation of Pakistan is a testimony to the courage of his conviction. The Quaid never compromised over principles.

4. Write down the summary of the poem 'Blessings of God' by Cecil Alexander. OR 05

Paraphrase the follwoing lines into simple English with reference to the context.
                          Then deem it not an idle thing
                          A pleasant word to speak.
                          The face you wear, the thought you bring,
                          A heart may heal or break.
5. Write an essay of 150 to 200 words on any one of the following topics.                                         15

(i) A Cricket Match         (ii) Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah       (iii) Life in a big city OR

Write a paragraph of 100 to 150 words on any one of the following topics.

(i) A visit to a hospital      (ii) Pakistani women                                       (iii) A house on fire.

6. Change any five of the following sentences into indirect form. 05

(i) He said, "She will go there."
(ii) She said to me, "You are a lazy boy."
(iii) He said, "Do you agree with me?"
(iv) The teacher said, "Did you do your home task yesterday?"
(v) He said to his sister, "Please say something."
(vi) Afshan said, "Let us go for a picnic on Friday."
(vii) He said, "Alas! I am ruined."
(viii) He said, "May God help me do my duty!"

7. Use any five of the following pairs of words inyour own sentences.                                                05

(i) Beside, Besides     (ii) Diary, Dairy       (iii) Lose, Loose     (iv) Metal, Mettle
(v) Pore, Pour           (vi) Sole, Soul         (vii) Vain, Vein       (viii) Wave, Waive

8. Translate the following paragraph into English.                                                                               10

Chirya ghar mein hum nay bohot say janwar daiky. Yeh janwar hum nay pehlay kabi ni daikhy thay. 
Hum sab bohot khush howay. Mera chota bhai khas tor pr khush howa. Jab iss ny morr daikha toh
khushi say uchlany laga. Uss ny abba jan say kah " Abba Jan! Kya ap mujhy morr khareed kr dy
sktay hain?" Yeh bohot khobsorat janwar hai". Abba jan ny btaya k yeh morr bachnay k liay ni hain.

Alternate Qestion for candidates whose medium of examination is English/ Foreign candidates only.
Write ten sentences about, "A Rain Storm".



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