Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Model question papers SSC Class 9th (IX) according to new Course / Books 2013-2014 onwards All Punjab Boards (BISEs)

The student teachers and paper settle were waiting for the model papers of the latest course which is being taught in secondary school level (class 9th) because the course of the class 9th was completely changed and new books were published and students teachers and paper settles besides other affiliated people were awaiting these model papers so that they can prepare the course according the paper pattern. 
Now the board has published the model papers there are sudden changes it was said at first that practical question at 9th / ix class have been emitted but according to the new and latest model papers practical questions were included in the paper and  science papers will be as under:
Total Number of Science paper at calss 9th                                       = 75
Section # 1
Question No. 1 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions)                          = 12
Section # 2
Question No. 2 Short question (Attempt 6 out 9 questions)                = 12
Question No. 3 Short question (Attempt 5 out 8 questions)                = 10
Question No. 4 Short question (Attempt 5 out 8 questions)                = 10 
Section # 3 (each question in this section includes 2 parts a. long question (4 marks) b. numerical (3 marks)
Question No. 5,6,7,8 & 9Long Question (Attempt 3 out 5 questions) = 21
Section # 4 (Practicals)
Question No. 10, 11, 12 (Attempt 2 out of given 3 questions)             =10

However the arts papers are the same as the previous year papers just inclusion of pak study and islamiat both at 9th / ix level.
You can now download the model question papers of physics, chemistry, biology, islamiay, pak studies, english, urdu, chemistry, and all other subjects of Punjab boards of intermediate and secondary education rawalpindi, gujranwala, lahore, faisalabad, muzzafar garah, multan, mianwali, bise all punjab from the link below.

paper pattern bise rawalpindi
 paper pattern bise Lahore
 paper pattern bise Gujranwala
 paper pattern bise Multan
 paper pattern bise Bahawalpur
 paper pattern bise Bahawalnagar
 paper pattern bise Faisalabad
 paper pattern bise Muzzaffargarah
latest paper patter bise
paper settle bise 2013 onwards
model paper physics 2013 bise rawalpindi
 model paper physics 2013 bise Lahore
 model paper physics 2013 bise Gujranwala
 model paper physics 2013 bise Multan
 model paper physics 2013 bise Bahawalpur
 model paper physics 2013 bise Bahawalnagar
 model paper physics 2013 bise Faisalabad
 model paper physics 2013 bise Muzzaffargarah
model paper physics 2013 9th
model paper chemistry 2013 9th
model paper bio / biology 2013 9th
model paper maths / mathematics 2013 9th
model paper english 2013 9th
model paper urdu 2013 9th
model paper islamiyat 2013 9th
model paper pak studies 2013 9th
model papers practical 2013 9th class
model papers 9th practical pattern 2013
model papers 9th physics, chemistry, bio, practical paper pattern / syllabus 2013
latest model papers of bise
bise paper 2013 onwards
bise paper
bise model paper
punjab boards of intermediate and secondary education latest paper patter class 9th / ix
9th class paper patter
9th / ix class model paper
Model question paper of all subjects bise 2013 onwards


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