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Unified Pay Sclaes for the Employees of Public Sector Organization / Departments of Pakistan 2012-2013

The demand of unified pay scales by the government employees is making government to take step towards this issue. But till now no solid step was taken and government is hanging up the process by making different committees and commissions. This is not the first time that the government has make the Pay commission for
the revision of basic pay scales (BPS) of the government employees. But at the establishment of the Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian (PPPP) it was under consideration, but at the end of each commission the suggestions given by the commission / committee were kept pending for approval upto the next financial budget and at the budget government approved different package just by giving adhoc allowance and government passed each year saying that it has established the pay commission for the revision of the scales.

The policy of the pppp government is to make happy the government employees by giving good pays and scales so that there standard of living may increase and also to increase the vote bank for the pppp government. And it also remained successful in this policy. The pppp government granted 30%, 50% and 20% adhoc allowances to the government employees and the biggest increase was 50% adhoc allowance 2010. Which make government employees satisfied but the different unions of employees were still demanding for the revision of pay scales and increase in other allowances.

The basic reason for the demand of unified pay scales is the difference of pays and scales of the different government organization / departments because some organizations like PAEC (Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission) and NESCOM (National engineering and scientific commission) employees are drawing pay from the special pay scales (SPS) which are more than double of the Basic Pays and Scales (BPS). And some government employees are drawing double pays these departments Pakistan Military, FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) and Police, these employees were granted double pay package in the budget of 2010. While it was promise that w.e.f Jan 2011 the pay of all the employees will be doubled but this proposal seems never get fulfilled till now.

Now when the government is on the completion of its tenure and is going for election in the start of next year i.e 2013 this issue is once again refreshed because it will help pppp to get the votes of government employees. The Federal government also increase the conveyance allowance which was another major step towards the increase in pay of government employees. The pppp government is actually willing to make unified Pay scales but the problem that is being occurring is the allocation of funds for the Provinces.

As no funds were placed in this regard in current budget of the year 2012 - 2013 so it is not possible for the Provincial Governments to increase the pays of employees from their current funds. So the provincial government of the Pakistan strongly condemned this decision. There is also a point to notice that the federal
government increase the conveyance allowance the provinces like Punjab has not still increase the conveyance allowance and the employees of the province of the Punjab and other provinces are still drawing the conveyance allowance at the earlier rates. So this step is also contrary to the policy of the government towards the unified pay scales.
The last meeting in this regard was held and proposed three different packages from which one to be chosen and sent to the provincial government employees. Here are the three packages.
1. To merge the 50% and 20% adhoc allowances to the basic pay and different of the pay in different public sector organization employees may be vanished thus.
2. And the second option is the to save the funds by stopping the double pay of the organizations including CBR and distribute these funds equally to all employees.
3. The third and the last option is to double the pay of employees who were not granted double pay scales till now.
The above summary was sent to the provinces and PAC (Public Account Committee) for suggestion and the provinces strongly condemned this reasoned lake of fund. And the final news is that the government has not enough funds to take the decision over any of the suggestion so this issue will still remain pending.

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