Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The demand of the Teachers of the Punjab Education Department

The demand of the Teachers of the Punjab Education Department
The teachers of the Punjab are fighting for their rights but the attempts are going in vain because the Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharief is not considering the problems of in services employees / teachers. There is no time frame for promotion and the promotion of the teachers including PSTs / ESEs, EST / SESE, SST / SSE. A four tier formula was made for the promotion of the teachers and summary was sent to the the Sectary Education Punjab for the approval by the CM Punjab but no action was taken till now.
The matter of conveyance allowance is also pending as the teachers have to travel for long distance to reach the respective schools but the conveyance allowance is very limited as compare to the fuel prices. And the step is still pending as taken by the federal government. Another step which the federal government has already implemented the federal publich Schools is upgraddation of teaching posts / scales and the federal government upgradded teachers as unders:
1 PST (Primary School Teachers) BPS-09 to BPS-14
2 EST (Elementary School Teachers) BPS-14 to BPS-16
3 SST (Secondary School Teachers) BPS-16 to BPS-17
This was also demanded by the teacher of the Punjab education department but till no action in this regard was taken. The point to be noticed at this is the that other provincesalso took the step and upgradded its employees except Punjab.
A news in this regard was published in the express that government has asked the education department to send the summary of the demand of teachers. And punjab government has decided to take a quick action on this matter and asked education department to collect the data regarding the problems and the demands of the teachers and send it to the Punjab government. The education department asked teachers for mutual consultation on the matter. It is expected that all the problems of teachers will be solved during the current year, specially the matter of Drawing of Leave encashment for one year, TA / DA, Conveyance allowance,
and four tier formula for promotion will be approved immediately. The teachers are demanding for their rights for the solution of their problems.
Below is the news pulished in the daily express on this issue.

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