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Notification of Regularization of 1 lac Contract Employees in Punjab August 2013

Notification of Regularization of 1 lac Contract Employees in Punjab August 2013

The government of the the Punjab has decided to regularize the one lac contract employees once again after being elected in the present election of 2013. In earlier notification which was issued by the Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharief regularized the employees of the Provincial Government employees. But during the supervisory government the notification was cancelled. Now after elected as CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif once again ordered for the same notification for the regularization of the contractual employees of the Punjab government.

An instructional letter has been issued by the Services and General Administration Department (Regulation Wing) to the Punjab government departments asking for restarting the regularization work once again. According to the notification the employees of the BPS-01 to BPS-15 will be regularized by the Scrutiny committees, while the cases of regularization of the employees working in BPS-16 and above would be forwarded to the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC Lahore).A seperate Notification for Regularization of BPS-16 above employees working on contract has been issued.

According to the governemnt policy verification of the educational degrees of the employees is must. Beside this employees mental and body health will also be measured through a complete medical test. It will also be noticed that the work of the employee during the contract period was satisfactory. The seat where an employee is going to be regularized should aready exist. If the service rules for a contract post does not exist then first the service rule for such posts will be prepared.

It will be good to mention here that educators of the Punjab Government Education Department which are sse, sese and ese will also be regularized under this notification of 2013. The educators of the Punjab Government who were recurited before the year 2009 have already been regularized, while the regular orders of the educators who were recurited after 2009 are still awaited. There will be a great problem of seniority of the educators if the a combine notification issued because this will make problem for the promotion as the senior will become equal to the junior educators. The notification copy of regularization of the contractual employees of the punjab will be provided here soon.

Here is the Full Notification of Punjab Goverment in this regard

No.DS(O&M)(S&GAD)5-3/2013 GOVERNMENT OF THE PUNJAB DEPARTMENT (O&M WING) Dated Lahore, the 19th August, 2013

To 1. Senior Member, Board of Revenue, Punjab. 2. Chairman, Planning & Develpoment Board, Lahore. 3. All the Administrative Secretaries in the Punjab. 4. All Commissioners in the Punjab. 5. Provincial Police Officer, Punjab. 6. Registrar, Lahore High Court, Lahore. 7. All District Coordination Officers in the Punjab. 8. All Heads of Attached Departments in the Punjab. 9. Secretary Provincial Assembly, Punjab. 10. Secretary, Punjab Public Service Commission, Punjab. 11. Registrar, Punjab Service Tribunal, Lahore. 12. Secretary, Chief Minister’s Inspection Team, Punjab, Lahore. 13. Accountant general, Punjab, Lahore. 14. Secretary Ombudsman, Punjab Lahore. 15. All District Accounts Officers in Punjab. Subject: Appointmentof Contract Employees in BS-1 to BS-15 on Regular Basis

I am directed to refer to this Department’s notification of even number dated 01.03.2013, relating to regular appointment of contract employees in BS-1 to 15, and to state that the Chief Minister has been pleased to allow that the Administrative Departments may proceed further regarding regular appointment of their contract employees as per provisions of the Policy Notification dated 01.03.2013.

BY THE ORDER OF THE CHIEF MINISTER, PUNJAB Shahnaz Nawaz Secretary (Regulations) S&GAD

No. DS(O&M)(S&GAD)5-3/2013 Dated Lahore, the 19th August, 2013-08-22
Copy is forwarded for information and necessary action to:-
1. The Principal Secretary to the Governor, Punjab.
2. The Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Punjab
3. The Secretary (Coordination) to Chief Minister, Punjab.
4. PS to Chief Secretary, Punjab.
5. PSO to Additional Chief Secretary, Punjab
6. PS to Secretary (Services), Secretary (Regulations), Secretary
        (I&C), S&GAD
7. All Addl. Secretaries / Dy. Secretaries / Section Officers in the

(Rukhsana Nadeem Bhutta)
Additional Secretary (PP&CM), S&GAD


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