Monday, 19 August 2013

Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharief First Address to the Nation 2013

Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharief First Address to the Nation 2013

The Prime Minister of the Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharief addressed to the nation first time after being elected in 2013.

The main address was concerned on the following three points:-
1. Loadshedding
2. Terrorism
3. Corruption

The Prime Minister started his speech and was little painful because of the sitution of the country. He said that we are trying to overcome the loadshedding on the urgent basis. The 14 years corrution of the previous government has destroyed the main assests of the country and we have to pay a huge amount of loan, and for this we will have to get more loan for overcoming the problems. The Prime minister pointed the two example of horrible corruption by the previous government. One of which is the Nehlum-Jehlum Power project in which there was no plan for the transmission line through which electricity will be provided to the houses and lociality. In another example as quoted by the Prime Minister a power project machinary of almost Rs. 425 Billion has been wasted in Karachi.

The Prime Minister said that corruption in the country will not be allowed at any cost. Management should change their mood and be active for the development of the country. The Prime Minister said that after being elected we have paid a huge amount to the wapda and other electricity providing companies to overcome the problem of the nation and we are trying to overcome the load sheeding problem by starting the new projects. In this regard some projects are under establisment with the help of the China. We will start electricity project in Thar and a good news regarding Gudani power project of 6600 Mega Watt will be announced soon.

We will cooperate with the provincial government and will provide every possible source to the provincial government to overcome the problem of the nations. We will have to take bold steps towards our foreign policy and terroism and drone attacks. We have asked America to stop drone on all the forums.

Housing project for the power and low income family will be started soon. A project for the youngesters of the nation for self employment will be started soon so that the youngesters of the nation may take part in the progress of the country. We will make a project of motorway from Karachi to Lahore and wish to start a underground metro train system in Karachi like developed countries of the world.

Our government is also have special concerned about education, health and drinking water problems. But all these problems required time to be solved.The prime minister also extended the limit for the ending the loadsheeding problem that will now take at least five years. The speech was concered about all the problems of the country but there seems no proper solution for the problems of the country.


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