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Latest about Rationlized Pay Scales For Government Employees 21-11-201 and onwards news

latest updates / News Regarding Unified / Rationalized Pay Scales For Government Employees 21-11-201 and onwards news

A Rationalized Pay Structure has been sent to the Provinces for suggestion which was prepared by The Ministry of Finance (Regulation Wing). It is being said that the pay structure formed will effect the finance for only 30 lac extra budget. Along the increase in basic there is a suggestion to decrease the commutation of the government employees. That will save money which is causing extra burden to budget. According to the relavant sources the basic pay will increase as follows for the government employees:-

Grade Basic Basic 2013 Annual increment Annual Increment
  (After increase) (Present) (after increasing)
BPS-01 4800 7800 150 250
BPS-02 4900 7900 170 300
BPS-03 5050 8200 200 320
BPS-04 5200 8400 230 370
BPS-05 5400 8700 260 420
BPS-06 5600 9000 290 470
BPS-07 5800 9400 320 520
BPS-08 6000 9700 350 570
BPS-09 6200 10000 380 620
BPS-10 6400 10300 420 680
BPS-11 6600 10700 460 750
BPS-12 7000 11300 500 810
BPS-13 7500 11300 550 890
BPS-14 8000 12900 610 990
BPS-15 8500 13700 700 1130
BPS-16 10000 16100 800 1290
BPS-17 16000 25800 1200 1940
BPS-18 20000 32200 1500 2400
BPS-19 31000 50000 1600 2580
BPS-20 36000 58000 2350 3790
BPS-21 40000 64400 2600 4190
BPS-22 43000 69300 3050 4900

According to the sources after getting the suggestion from the provinces the summary will be presented in next upcoming meeting of pay and commission.
However it is not confirmed yet what formula was used to increase the basic pay above. However the above pay scales are giving increase in basic pay as well as annual increment but it is not yet confirmed that whether or not the other allowance like conveyance allowance for provinces and house rent, medical allowance will increase on the basis of these new rationalized pay scales or not. The matter of rationalized / unified pay scales is pending for last three years but the Federal government is unable to make agree the provinces specially the Punjab Government to agree them on a specific pay structure while declining before many such structures once again these suggestion have been send to the provinces and awaiting for reply. Another reason of declining this pay structure by the provinces is that it will effect the budget of the provinces while no budget allocation was granted in annual budget of 2012-2013 for this purpose so if provinces are going to agree on this pay structure they will have to manage their budget by their own sources that will cause difficulties for the provinces.
Since the present government of President Zardari (PPPP) is going to end of February 2013 so Federal government is trying to provide such a good relief in pay so to get maximum favors from government employees in upcoming budget. And another reason of the provinces delaying this matter seems that if they agree on such a structure then all the favor of employees will go towards the Federal Government (PPPP). So a great conflict is present between provinces and federal on this and such other matters. The same can be seen while deciding Holidays for Moharram which you can check in detail from the following link. The meeting of the pay and commission next session is expected in December however it will be pend upto the receiving the suggestions from the provinces.
If we compare two main parties of the Pakistan that are Peoples Party Parliamentarian Pakistan (PPPP) and Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz PML (N) these both parties have different opinion in respect of employees and their salaries. I am not affiliated with anyone. The PPPP government is trying to relief the government employees from the start of their government they tried to reinstate the employees. Also they increase the pay of the employees from time to time during the last 5 year session of their elected period. But the PML(N) is opposing these decision they were not seems in favor of reinstating employees and also against the increase in pays and salaries and allowances of the government employees. The PML(N) in punjab did not increased the conveyance allowance while federal government did. The PML(N) opposed the 40 to 50 increase in salaries in last budget while PPPP did increase the pay accordingly. Beside this PPPP gave increase in different allowance like Daily Allowance DA, Traveling Allowance TA and such other allowances. And in the matter of teachers federal upgraded the teaching posts while punjab PML(N) did no thing except teasing the teachers.
So i is being done in the said matter of unified pay scales. So it seems that government employees are going to favor PPPP in next upcoming election of 2013. Anyhow it is a personal opinion may differ the opinion of someone. So not treated seriously.
Your comment in this regard will be highly appreciated.

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