Thursday, 22 November 2012

Moharram Holiday News for different part of the country

A great conflict is present between the provincial  and federal government while deciding holidays for moharram because there is danger of suicide attack. The federal government announced the four holidays 2 for moharram one for d-8 and for security reason. The sindh and Balochistan government followed the federal government but the matter of Khayber Paktoonkhawa and Punjab was little different. In Khayber PakhtoonKhawa there was announced holiday in different parts while some institutions were opened. And the matter of the punjab government was almost different from the all because punjab government did not announced holiday at any part however at lahore some schools were closed which were under the danger area. While the private schools of all Pakistan will remain close from friday to sunday. You can check the below news for more info.


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